In the beginning

Hi, I am Nivaldo Pereira, and I have been a Software Engineer. I have many passions. For instance I decided to give wings to some of them through blogging. I will be sharing my point of views related to programming world as I view it. This blog, I hope, will be a source of valuable information and a way to exchange knowledge.

This is the first post and above all is my way of saying Hello and Welcome. In a first moment I will be writing a lot about bookmarked tools I have been collecting through the years, and about OutSystems related topics. It is important to say that, Outsystems is said to be a low-code development platform, but I do not agree with this “low-code” term. So I will be calling it a more fitting name, Vision-Code. This is because it is a very visual programming tool that allows you to code in a fast and uncomplicated way.

Another subject I will be addressing is the coding culture among PALOP countries. So, if you like coding, or you have interest in Outsystems, or in programming in general, hang in there, to find interesting articles.

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